AB 2774: The IFs, the ANDs and the BUTs


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AB 2774 became law in January 2011. Now you can see the replay of the original Webcast along with a year later update. Learn how to understand and interpret defense strategies.Here’s what you will learn:

  • What AB 2774 is and what it really means for employers
  • The major provisions of the law and how they could change the way you do business
  • Why your IIPP and safety training documentation becomes even more important with AB 2774
  • How employer safety requirements will change and could be enforced differently now
  • What are the latest developments with AB 2774 and what have we learned since its passage
  • What to do when faced with a serious violation—what’s the best way to respond to the 1BY Form
  • The statistics on serious violations and the impact on California business
  • Attendee questions answered by Cal-OSHA Reporter editor Kevin Thompson

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  • Sample 1BY Form—Get a preview of the very form a Compliance Officer would use when issuing a serious violation. Should you complete the form? Do you write a response on the back? Could it lead to an admission of guilt if completed? Even defense attorneys disagree, but we’ll cover these questions in the webcast Q&A.
  • 8 Requirements of a Good IIPP – With OSHA inspectors closely reviewing employer’s Injury and Illness Prevention Programs, verify your IIPP contains these all important eight elements.
  • Safety Training Matrix – Use this schedule from Cal/OSHA to help track employee safety training and illustrate how you are preventing employee exposure to hazards and avoid per employee fines!
  • Continuing Educations Assessment Tests – Earn your credits quickly by answering test questions, completing the verification and submitting for approval—all for only $20 per attendee!

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Subject Matter Expert:

Amy Martin is chief counsel of DOSH and involved in the promulgation of numerous regulations and statutes directly effecting worker safety in the State of California. (more info)

Kevin D. Bland, Esq. of Ogletree, Deakins, Nash, Smoak & Stewart, PC, focuses his practice on construction risk management, safety, litigation, contract claims, and OSHA citation appeals and rulemaking. (more info)

Bruce Wick is Director of Risk Management at CALPASC. With 25 years of risk management experience, Wick is an industry leader and educator on issues critical to health and safety. (more info)

Kevin Thompson has been the editor of Cal-OSHA Reporter since 1999. He is a 28-year veteran of business writing. (more info)

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AB 2774: The IFs, the ANDs and the BUTs

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