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Make Money Targeting Your Niche

Learn How to Choose and Profitably Market all lines to a Niche from working with an association to developing leads and sales strategies

Looking to create a website from scratch? Looking to update an existing website? Web Design Best Practices is just for you. This ultimate guide contains all of the obvious and not-so-obvious best practices of web design. Think of this guide as your key to creating a website with any skillset.

What You'll Learn:

Web Design Best Practices contains everything you could want to know about creating a website from scratch, from design to implementation.

How to have more prospects call you than you have to call.

Ten ways how Niche marketing makes more money.

How Niche marketing is beneficial for all four parties involved – this makes the sale

When and Why you do and don’t want association involvement – and how to handle an association if you do

Dealing with an association? There are certain “magic words that work,” and these will be yours as part of the class.

Four essential rules for working with an association. You will learn all four, including how to protect yourself and how to make them happy and how to avoid paying “juice.” It’s a step-by-step list.

Where to get leads (besides Compline). This class will show you 10 ways to develop a lead generation program with real life examples

You will learn how to choose an insurance carrier, how to negotiate everything with them, and how to avoid serious pitfalls. One story says it all.

Find unusual situations which can pan out to big bucks – See how one agent created for himself a whole big thing for Home Depot vendors

“Now that I know how to do this I can't believe I haven't. 

I hope my competitors don't see this class."

– OT, Sacramento

About the Author

Jerry Nisker

Jerry Nisker

Former agency principal Jerry Nisker is a guy who’s really done it. When he says it works it’s because he’s tried it and when he says it doesn’t it’s because he tried that too. Now retired and teaching others, he’s developed “from scratch” several niche-marketing programs. His last program developed over $1.4 million in annual commission income. Jerry is an old time style agency who’s been there done that and who tells some captivating stories along the way. 

Join Jerry for this 2 ½ hour DVD webcast – you’ll learn and be glad.

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Targeting Your Niche

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