Providence Publications is about CATNIP®

Simply put Providence Publications provides Credible Authoritative Trustworthy News and Information Products to a wide variety of niche markets; niche communities.  We work diligently to bring together for each niche the right blend of informative journalism and other useful tools, through advanced technology to provide newsletters, video news, databases, transnational productivity tools, directories, lead generation, training through both on-line classes and seminars, and a host of other products Providence Publications can deliver to these unique communities.

For our advertisers and partners Providence Publications provides Traffic with Meaning™ which is to say that we offer focused methodologies to reach precisely the target audience that is interested in its offerings. For our subscribers this means timely news they can use and depend upon, written by award winning professional journalists who write exclusively for us and in the specific niche, They write in the context of our audience’s  profession: Content and Context.  For our lead generation clients it means leads unlikely to be able to be generated elsewhere because leads are developed in the inside context of the market niche. For our training buyers this means training delivered with the appropriate MCLE or CE credits by subject matter experts.In other words we’re not about us, we’re all about our audience, our viewers, as we call them.

Providence Publications is not about itself, it’s all about it’s audience and its our viewers.


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