The Interns

Providence Publications is proud of its interns. We proudly offer internship programs year round in Video Production, Journalism, IT, Marketing and general office. Our interns have received national recognition for their work and attend some of the worlds most prestigious colleges. Here are some of our brightest past interns, where they are now, and some “creative” work




Video Production Interns


Robbie Lynn2009-Present, CSUN

Robbie LynnRobbie started working in our video department while still in high school. He soon proved himself very valuable to our team and take over managing our video department. He was a recipient of numerous SIPA awards for his work with Cal-Osha Reporter and Workers Comp Executive.


Cameron Congdon2009-2012, UC Davis

Cameron congdonHaving the second longest tenure of any intern in Prov Pubs history, Cameron was key in helping establish the video webcasting department and maintain a functional department. Cameron can be seen and heard on our pre-webcast looping video. He was a recipient of numerous SIPA awards for his work with Cal-Osha Reporter and Workers Comp Executive.


Nick Hurley2008-2012, LMU

Nick HurleyNick was the longest standing intern at Prov Pubs. Because of this, he soon assumed the nickname “Department Daddy”. Nick has worked on various productions in LA, the most notable being Watsky music videos. He attends LMU as a Screenwriting Major.


Ted Marsden2008-2010, Emerson College

TedTed was one of our original founding video interns. He came from to us while still in high school before eventually attending Emerson College for Film Directing. Ted has now worked on various video shoots in LA including, Lonely Island, Watsky, Cougar Magnum, etc….


Colin Shannon2008-2009, US Army/CU Boulder

Colin ShannonStationed at Fort Campbell, KY with the 101st Airborne Division, 3rd Brigade Combat Team. Served in Operation Enduring Freedom X-XI and OEF XII. He was promoted to Sergeant in 2011 and fulfilled the position of Infantry Fire Team Leader until I separated this year.



Patrick Gill2008-2010, Notre Dame

Patrick GillPatrick was one of our founding interns. Along with Ted he started our video production department and worked on the first projects that made room for the idea of more interns. Patrick graduated from Notre Dame in 2013.



Jacob Ruffman2008-2010, UCLA

Jacob RuffmanJacob is again another example of the supreme character and drive our interns bear. Since Providence Publications Jacob has held internships at; ESPN, ABC in LA, NBC in LA, KCRA, LA Daily News, Rivals, to name a few. Jacob graduated from UCLA in 2013 with a BA in Communications.


Mike Bostedt2012-2013, Sierra College

Mike BostedtMike has been working in video production since high school and is a product of the GBHS video program. Mike hopes to one day work for ESPN editing sports segments.



Nick Strann2011, UCLA

Nick StrannEagle scout Nick Strann was one of the hardest working interns we had. His tasks included helping with webinar productions and graphics work. Nick went on to intern with USA networks and landed a job at WME in LA.



Alexandria Vogel2013-, Sierra College

Aly VogelAfter successfully running her own video production company, Aly joined the video team in 2013.




Journalism Interns


Cristy Johnson2008-2010, Georgetown University
Christy Johnson

Jonathan Beach2010-2012, LMU
Jonathan Beach

Jack Duffy2009-2011, Notre Dame

Jack Duffy


Kevin Hollingshead2009-2012, UCLA

Jack Duffy

Paul Stremple2009-2010, UCLA


Marketing/Sales Interns


Mike Wade – 2013, Willamette University
Mike Wade




Ryan Hollingshead – 2011, UCLA
Jack Duffy

Kyle Hollingshead2011-2012, University of Washington (BA)
Jack Duffy
Jaye Whitney Debber2011, Reed College
Whitney Debber





IT/Network Interns

Matt Ford2009-2010, UC Berkeley/Northwestern University
Jack Duffy

Kevin Sale2009-2010, UC Irvine
Jack Duffy


General Office

Kate Wilmarth2013, Saint Mary’s
Jack Duffy

Courtney Judd2013, BYU

Jack Duffy