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what you don’t know about AB 2774 can hurt your business

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One hour of California State Bar Continuing Education MCLE or one hour CDI Continuing Education CEs a $20 Value

AB 2774 became law in California on Jan. 1, 2011. It’s one of the most important pieces of occupational safety and health legislation since Cal/OSHA came into existence.

What does AB 2774 do? It provides the Division of Occupational Safety and Health (DOSH) with a series of steps to complete to establish a serious violation. And if the steps are followed, employers will face major fines that are more likely to stick—and stick without reduction.

This isn’t an additional hurdle for DOSH to surmount. In fact, the law was essentially written by DOSH to make it easier for serious violations to be upheld if they’re appealed.

What will be the impact of AB 2774? We could see an increase in the number of citations for serious violations, as well as a reduction in the number of successful appeals of these citations.

So what’s an employer to do?

First, you must understand your rights and responsibilities and provide the best safety environment possible. Next, you need to find out exactly what the new law proposes and how it does impact your business. The easiest way to do that is by purchasing the DVD from Providence Publications, “AB2774: What You Don’t Know Can Hurt You”.

Listen as our panel of experts, including Cal-OSHA’s chief prosecutor, provide you with the important steps you’ll need to prepare your company or client for this new law. And it’s not all bad news either. You’ll learn how AB 2774 could actually be another tool that will help you defend again serious citations.

Whether you’re an employer concerned about defending against Cal/OSHA citations and fines, a lawyer who handles Cal/OSHA-related issues, a safety consultant, insurance agent or Cal/OSHA employee—anyone interested in the impact of AB 2774—this is one webinar you won’t want to miss. So register today to guarantee your participation.

And don’t forget that you can have everyone on your team participate with you. For just one registration, you can all listen, learn, and get answers to your own specific questions about what the implementation of this new law means to you.

DVD Available now


State Bar MCLE or Insurance CE Credit available

Here’s just some of what you’ll learn during this in-depth, 70-minute conference:

  • What AB 2774 is and what it really means for employers.
  • The major provisions of the law and how they could change the way you do business.
  • Why safety planning becomes even more important with AB2774.
  • The problems that AB 2774 is supposed to resolve.
  • How employer safety requirements will change and could even be enforced differently.
  • How to defend yourself before you’re cited.
  • How improperly structured IIPPs can hurt you and how to ensure yours are structured correctly.

…and much more!

Your  DVD includes:

  • One hour of California State Bar Continuing Education MCLE or one hour CDI Continuing Education CEs

DVD Available now Untitled-2

Panel of Experts

amy Amy Martin is now chief counsel of DOSH. Ms. Martin has been involved in the promulgation of numerous regulations and statutes directly effecting worker safety in the State of California. She was part of the advisory committee that led to the drafting of AB 2774. As chief counsel of the division, she is responsible for prosecutions arising from that statute. Before joining Cal OSHA, Ms. Martin was a partner with the law firm of Van Bourg, Weinberg, Roger and Rosenfeld where she specialized in labor and employment law. For six years she was an adjunct professor at UC Hastings where she taught mediation and negotiations with an emphasis on labor issues.
bland Kevin D. Bland, Esq. is founding partner at Hines Smith Carder Dincel Bland and focuses his practice on the construction industry. He holds a Contractor’s “A” License and has both practical and legal expertise in construction safety, construction risk management, construction litigation and construction contract claims as well as OSHA citation appeals and rulemaking. Mr. Bland counsels and defends the construction and other industries.
bruce Bruce Wick is Director of Risk Management at CALPASC. With 25 years of risk management experience, Mr. Wick is an industry leader and educator on issues critical to health and safety. His expertise in the areas of workers’ comp, Cal/OSHA, construction defect, general liability and workplace safety make him a frequently sought after presenter throughout California.

One hour of California State Bar Continuing Education MCLE or one hour CDI Continuing Education CEs a $20 Value