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Learn Successful Sales Strategies
from Two Workers’ Comp Top Guns

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Brokers Tom Bone and Colin Baird combine their extraordinary skills and experience to bring you the information you need to put your sales in hyper-drive.

This is a truly career-changing opportunity. Follow the insights provided by this in-depth, comprehensive DVD and you’ll learn the strategies you need to increase your sales and dramatically improve your personal compensation bottom line.


Tom Bone will bring you 8 big ideas for marketing yourself:

  1. Social Media…break through the noise and clutter and get the most out of the incredible opportunities brought about by the social media phenomenon.
  2. Direct Mail…Use this time-tested method of increasing sales. It’s simpler and easier than you think.
  3. Letters – That’s right plain old US mail…Smart marketers have been using this media for decades. Learn the successful techniques as well as the pitfalls.
  4. Email Marketing…Practically everyone on the planet uses email these days, but there are simple, practical ways to make yourself stand out from the crowd and bring a windfall of sales.
  5. Newsletters and Article Writing…The world has a voracious appetite for good, informative, authoritative information. Provide it consistently and you will be amazed at the rewards.
  6. Involvement in Non-Profit Organizations…Volunteering your time is a way to give back to your community, but it’s also a way to meet decision-makers on a personal level.
  7. Radio Show…Increase your exposure and your speaking skills while positioning yourself as an industry authority.
  8. Face-to-Face Meetings…95% of businesses renew their Workers’ Comp insurance with the same broker every year. Face-to-face meeting ensure that you are the first one they turn to when renewing.


Colin Baird lays out 6 game-changing strategies for changing the nature of the game:

  1. New and more effective broker compensation strategies
  2. The X-Mod: Friend or Foe?
  3. Creating A Plan To Lower Employer Costs and Increase Your Compensation
  4. Everything you need to know about EBITDA, analytics, and measuring your plan’s performance.
  5. Insurers, TPAs & Others … and how to identify and acquire better partners for your sales program
  6. Analyzing Financial Statements with new tools to measure plan designs.

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Who Should Attend:

Professional Commercial Lines Agents, Brokers, Placers and CSRs, who want to increase either their visibility and learn new techniques for helping clients to lower costs while profiting from the decrease. Registered Compline members get a 10% discount.

About our faculty:

Workers’ Comp Executive has assembled an expert panel to teach this important DVD:

boneTom Bone, principal at ISU Insurance Services, is a 30 year veteran of the Workers’ Comp wars, a broker, advisor, and mentor to colleagues and clients. Tom will show you how to become an authority by becoming better known. Educated at California State University, he’s the host of “Insurance Matters” on Sacramento’s popular Mark Montgomery Show, and a well known speaker.

biardColin Baird, Vice President at Sullivan Curtis and Monroe, is a 22-year veteran insurance broker specializing in risk transfer, contractual reviews, loss analysis, industry benchmarking, and loss control issues. Colin will show you how to increase agency profits while decreasing the client’s X-Mod.