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In the end you will know

First, you must understand your rights and responsibilities and provide the best safety environment possible. Next, you need to find out exactly what the new webinar proposes and how it does impact your business. The easiest way to do that is by going to the Explanation Webinar.

Listen as our panel of experts, provide you with the important steps you’ll need to prepare your company or client for this new webinar. And it’s not all bad news either. You’ll learn how the webinar could actually be another tool that will help you defend again serious citations.

Whether you’re an employer concerned about defending against citations and fines, a lawyer who handles related issues, a safety consultant, insurance agent or employee—anyone interested in the impact of webinars—this is one webinar you won’t want to miss. So register today to guarantee your participation.

And don’t forget that you can have everyone on your team participate with you. For just one registration, you can all listen, learn, and get answers to your own specific questions about what the implementation of this new law means to you.

BONUS CONTENT! An Exclusive Interview with Marty Morgenstern, the new Secretary of Labor. Find out where the new administration is going to take Cal/OSHA -Who might go and who might stay as well as long term plans.



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