W/Comp Fraud: Spot It and Stop It!


Employee W/Comp Fraud: Spot It and Stop It!

Employers – Learn How To Fight Employee Fraud!

Producers – Help Teach Your Important Clients To Spot & Stop Employee W/Comp Fraud

Employers should include appropriate staff and brokers should include important clients – Join us as high powered subject matter experts teach you how to spot and stop employee workers’ comp fraud.

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Employee W/Comp Fraud: Spot It and Stop It!

Thursday February, 23, 2012 10:00 – 11:30 AM Pacific Time

State Bar MCLE & CDI Credit Approved -also AIHA,CSPA & CUSP

How to interview employees when an accident happens; How to use social media to catch them;How to get carriers to follow though; and a lot more – even how to help honest employees spot fraud. Handouts include checklists, instructions and more…


Learn how to spot employee workers’ comp fraud early, and when you do what steps to take. Get the training you need to spot and deal with issues early before they impact the bottom line.  Even better, brokers and employers will learn how to incorporate intervention and investigation skills that will not only give short term results, but also help you power a long-term strategy of containing costs!

Workers’ Comp Executive has assembled subject matter experts dedicated to helping you cut Workers’ Comp costs. By learning from our experts former CDI Deputy Commissioner, Dale Banda,   and attorney W. Devon Craft, Esq. you’ll get insights on the most practical, employer-level investigative techniques to uncover instances of employee fraud. Learn how to fight fraud through social media

Register and attend W/Comp Fraud: Spot It and Stop It! webinar on February 23, 2012:

Here’s what you can expect to learn:

•    How  early intervention and simple questions can spot and prevent fraud as well as help to retain honest employees
•    Learn step-by-step basic techniques to identify fraud in its early stages
•    Effective ways to conduct a post-incident interview and what information to collect
•    How social media such as Facebook and Twitter can be your mighty and effective investigative partner in finding deliberate misrepresentation and fraud
•    The importance of communication with all parties (claims examiner, broker/agent, medical provider, etc.) associated with the claim
•    What to do and how to get your carrier involved in investigating the fraud

Don’t Get Duped



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Webinar Details



Who Should Attend:
-Agents/Brokers to learn for themselves how to help clients combat fraud.

– Self-insureds—especially those with high deductibles who will want to apply investigative techniques to keep costs down.

– Safety Professionals who conduct accident investigations as a part of the responsibility

Subject Matter Experts:

Workers’ Comp Executive has assembled an expert panel to teach this important webinar:

Dale Banda

Dale Banda,COO, J.D. Wesson & Associates, Inc.
CDI Deputy Commissioner, Enforcement Branch (ret.)
Dale Banda is the former Deputy Commissioner/Fraud Chief (retired) of the Enforcement Branch for the California Department of Insurance. He will be teaching basic techniques for employers to use a the time of a loss and how to get carriers to take action.

W. Devon
Craft, Esq.,
practices Workers’ Compensation Defense. Craft has recently authored “Trapped by the Web: Using Social Networking Sites to Investigate Workers’ Compensation Claims.” His informative presentation includes How to use Facebook and other social media to spot employee fraud and abuse.