Clyde J. Trombettas

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Throughout Clyde’s experiences as an Associate Safety Engineer and District Manager for the Division of Occupational Safety & Health, he has developed a strong understanding of the California occupational safety and health program and State and Federal organizational responsibilities for occupational safety and health.  He has worked with many industries and businesses providing information through seminars and training sessions about the California occupational safety and health program and the differences between State and Federal responsibilities. He has worked with and advised many State and Federal agencies concerning occupational safety and health. He has provided occupational safety and health guidance to State agencies such as: the Office of Emergency Services, Department of Health Services, Division of Oil and Gas, and many county agencies throughout California and Federal agencies such as: Federal/OSHA and the Chemical Safety Board.

Clyde was also a CEO and General Manager of a multimillion dollar corporation and learned practical applications of fiscal planning and control. He understands the opportunities and challenges that businesses face in California and uses this experience when working with both employees and business owners when enforcing occupational safety and health regulations.

Featured Speaker for Emergency Preparedness